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Stories of Dreams Aurora Sharming Look


Stories of Dreams Aurora Sharming Look

Champion results


  • Hungária Junior Champion
  • Slovakian Junior Champion
  • Hungária Champion
  • Hungária Show Champion
  • Slovakian Champion
  • Serbian Champion
  • Inter Champion
Show results


  • 10 ✷ HPJ
  • 3 ✷ CACJ
  • 22 ✷ CAC
  • CACA
  • 7 ✷ R. CAC
  • 2 ✷ CACIB
  • 4 ✷ R. CACIB
  • 5 ✷ BOS
  • 8 ✷ BOB
  • 2 ✷ BOG
  • 2 ✷ R. BOG
  • 5 ✷ Best Junior
  • Veteran club winner 2023
Health results


  • HD/B
  • ED/0
  • BAER+/+
  • Lemon free
  • Full dentition

Stories of Dreams Aurora Sharming Look

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About Us

I bought my first dalmatian dog in 1993, who was very kind. I fell in love with her immediately.Unfortunately, She had not have pedigree and I cannot breed with her. In 1997, Ágomenti Coco Chanel came to me from Kasza Katalin, who is a master breeder and Coco is my kennel's founding dog. In 1999, Duncansby Bronco was born and my exhibition journey begin. My first imported female dog, Indira Straciatella arrived in 2001, who had amazing nature and beautiful appearance, she left deep mark to that day into my heart.Meanwhile, I became a family. I have wonderful 3 boys, that is why I had a few years break in exhibitions, but my heart did not let me rest. In 2015 and 2016, I imported a male and a female dog from Russia and Belarus. In addition my journey continued, as Duncansby Spotted kennel. I am very busy in my everyday life, as in addition to the family (including our dogs also), I work as a postmaster.~ Molnárné Bálint Andrea


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